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Discover Yourself:The Magic of Solo Travel

Never traveled alone before? Check out the seven reasons you should go on a solo trip.

There’s something special about traveling around the world with your loved ones or on a group trip. But sometimes, it can be a tiny bit frustrating. Imagine… you’re in Paris and you see a fun little bistro. It’s calling your name, the smells creeping out the door are incredible, so you and your group take a peek at the menu. Your mouth is watering and you’ve already decided what you’re going to order… and then someone in the group says, “Eww, can we go somewhere else?” And another points out there’s nothing gluten-free on the menu, and another just wants to grab a quick sandwich. Sigh. No bistro for you. But… if you were traveling on your own…

Most people probably think the idea of traveling by yourself is odd or a bit intimidating, but we believe that everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. Hear us out…

Planning is a breeze. No worrying about who can get time off when, or waiting to see if someone can arrange a housesitter. You don’t have to concern yourself with anyone else’s schedule when it’s just you. You decide when you can go and you just… go.

No awkward money conversations. Are you craving an upscale getaway? Or do you want to be a bit more frugal? The great thing about solo travel is the only budget you have to factor in is your own.

Sleep in as long as you like. Or get up at the crack of dawn – the choice is all yours when your time is your own. And the sheer bliss of having a hotel room all to yourself is an experience to be savored. Peace and quiet, and someone else to do the cleaning.

Go to any bistro you want. One of the best parts of travel is trying new foods, but it can be hard when you’re with fussy eaters. When you’re on your own, you decide where you want to eat and when – no one will know if you eat your weight in late-night street food!

Be as boring or exciting as you want. Do you enjoy racing around and seeing as many sights as possible? Or do you want to lounge by the pool all day with a book? Traveling solo means you can go at your own pace, with no one to please but yourself.

Let your spontaneous side out to play! Driving your rental car down the road, you see an intriguing little market up ahead – go ahead and stop to check it out if you want! When you’re on your own, you get to do what you want, when you want.

Discover new parts of yourself. Possibly the best thing about solo travel is the chance to spend time with your own self. By getting out into the world on your own, trying new things, and feeling the sheer sense of unbridled freedom that solo travel provides, you get the chance to learn more about what you love, what lights your fire, and what brings you joy.

If you find the idea of solo travel intimidating, just remember: you go to the grocery store by yourself. You drive to work by yourself. You’re grown – you can do this. So pull out that travel bucket list. Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but never found anyone to go with? It’s time to plan the solo trip of your dreams. Get out there, be bold, be brave, and be adventurous – you never know what you might discover!

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