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Just Don't Be That Person! Proper Etiquette for Your Next Flight

Let's be honest, some people have good etiquette. And some people not so much. While vacationing you never want to be considered "the not-so-much person." The good news is there are some easy ways to ensure that your travel etiquette is up to par, so you can travel with grace, dignity, and class. Let's take a look at some key tips for keeping your etiquette in check when you're flying around the world! Be Aware of Your Hygiene Habits...Please! Make sure you wear deodorant or body spray before boarding your flight and don't forget about brushing your teeth or using mouthwash in case you have morning breath. And if you're in between flights, take a second to freshen up in the bathroom. No one wants to get the plane seat next to someone who smells not-so-good. Respect Other People's Personal Space We've all been there, on a packed plane where you can barely move your arms without elbowing someone else in the face. It's important to remember that everyone likes their personal space while they travel. Keep your feet to yourself and in your designated space! If you need to squeeze past someone, just say, "excuse me" - a little politeness goes a long way! Armrest Rules Being in the middle seat might just be one of the worst feelings in the world, so there are official armrest rules to make it a little better. The person in the middle seat gets the middle armrests. Both of them. That's the official rule! To Recline or Not to Recline This is one of the top etiquette questions when it comes to flying. It's common courtesy to check with your neighbor before you recline your seat, but if that's not possible, go ahead and recline. Just do it slowly to avoid any awkwardness. Check Your Headphone Volume Meta Description: Do you know the dos and don'ts of travel etiquette? From brushing your teeth to wearing deodorant, here are some tips to help you stay classy while on vacation.

We get it; you're excited to watch a movie on the plane. But be aware that no one wants to hear what's going on in your headphones. Keep your volume appropriate, so you don't disturb others around you. Get Social So we're in an age where we have to document every aspect of our lives, including our travels. Hey... no judgment here. But make sure you don't become a nuisance on the plane or take away from other people's travel experience. And while you're recording your flight experience, remember to keep your neighbor in mind. Don't snap photos of them without their permission. If they do something you think is weird, don't record and post it online. You never know what someone is going through. And... it's just plain rude! Don't Leave Trash Behind This may sound simple, but it's also an essential rule of travel etiquette: don't leave trash behind! Before leaving your seat, take a quick look around and ensure that any garbage you have is disposed of properly. Not only does leaving behind trash make it harder for the flight attendants to clean up, but it also shows everyone else on the plane that you lack respect for those around you. Follow Instructions Flight attendants are there to ensure your safety, so listening and following their instructions is important. Whether it's stowing away any carry-on luggage, gate-checking bags when they run out of overhead space, or making sure your seatbelt is fastened during takeoff and landing, following their simple rules will help the flight run smoother for everyone involved. Whatever it is, just do it! Flying can be a great experience if you show respect for those around you. With just a bit of common courtesy and politeness, we can all enjoy our flights without any awkwardness or embarrassment! So, follow these steps and you'll be sure to hold onto that good etiquette title during your next flight. See you in the skies.



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