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Laugh, Love and Travel:Why a Trip With Your Best Friend is The Ultimate Vacation

Your ride-or-die, your BFF, your bestie. Whatever you call them, your best friend is someone you can share laughs, heartbreak, highs and lows with – and over the years, you’ve probably shared some wonderful adventures too. There’s nothing quite like a vacation with your best friend, so why not book a lunch date with your bestie and spend an afternoon planning your next Best Friend’s Getaway?

Why is a trip with your best friend the most special type of vacation?

No one understands and accepts you quite like your best friend – so, a trip away with your bestie is a true chance to relax and not worry about trying to impress anyone.

Life can get in the way and it can be hard finding quality time with your best friend – so, when you finally get the chance to spend time together away from it all, its even more special.

Laughter really is the best medicine – your bestie is someone you can act stupid with, in the best possible way. A trip with your BFF is sure to be filled with belly-aching laughs (the best kind).

Of course, one thing about your best friend is they’re more like family than just a friend – and this means you can argue like family too. But you can avoid any potential snags by keeping these few things in mind:

  • You might be all about the luxe lifestyle, but your BFF might prefer a more money conscious getaway, and that’s fine. Just make sure to include your budget in the plans to avoid any awkward money conversations down the road.

  • Be willing to compromise on travel style – do you like everything planned down to the last minute, but your bestie likes to be spontaneous? Agree on a middle ground beforehand to avoid any arguments.

  • Plan some solo time. Yes, you love each other more than life itself, but trust me, you’ll want to have some time on your own.

  • Divide the responsibilities. One of you can be in charge of packing the snacks, the other can make the road-trip playlist. One can plan activities, one can book dinner reservations. But it’s best to consult on bigger decisions like hotels and flights.

So, what kind of trip are you going to plan? Start with these suggestions:

Weekender – pressed for time? Book a weekend away. Head to a spa and pamper yourselves. Plan a city break and catch dinner and a show and some shopping. Venture out into nature for a cozy weekend of campfires, hiking, and hot cocoa. Whatever you do, you’ll have a good time.

Road Trip – the classic bestie adventure. Music up loud, lots of snacks, just you and your best friend and the open road. Plenty of time in the car means lots of time to chat and catch up on life, or just relax into companionable silence and enjoy the scenery.

Long-Haul Adventure – plan ahead and see the world! Explore Europe, take a cruise, go island-hopping in the Caribbean, go on a luxury safari in South Africa. The world is yours and the only limit is your imagination and budget. Keep in mind to definitely plan a bit of solo time on a longer trip so you don’t end up getting on each other’s nerves (unlikely, of course, but you never know).

Your friendship with that special person is something to cherish and nurture. Are you ready for some bonding time with your best friend? Time with your bestie is always precious and joyful, so why wait – arrange a meet-up with them and start planning your next Best Friend’s Getaway!

I travel with my bestie 4 or more times a year.

Enjoy a free consultation so that I can help you and your bestie enjoy a great vacation together. Click on the link below.



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