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Ten Tips for the Perfect Cruise

 Considering a cruise for your next vacation? Read our top ten tips for cruise ship travel before you book! 

A cruise sounds so simple, right? Book cruise, board ship, enjoy. Like instant vacation, just add a boat. 

We hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not that simple. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. All aboard for our top ten tips for cruise ship travel.

1. Book the right kind of cruise. There are a dizzying array of cruises available: adults-only, luxury, adventure, cruises featuring a certain type of music, and even murder-mystery cruises! Do your research and find the vibe that suits you best.

2. Boredom isn’t an option. You might think cruises are all about laying by the pool and hitting the buffet, but there’s more to it than that. Casinos, dance classes, food and wine tastings – endless options. Read the program of activities so you don’t miss out – you might discover a new hobby!

3. Know where you’re going. While there will be lots to keep you entertained on board, research the different destinations available and find the one that excites you. Whether it’s a day of wandering in Jamaica or the chance to explore the glaciers of Alaska, there’s plenty to enjoy on land as well as on sea. That being said…

4. Be flexible. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather (yet) and sometimes cruises will have to change their itineraries in case of hurricanes or other natural disasters. There’s nothing anyone can do about this, so there’s no point in grumbling about it. Think of it as a chance to do something new and be spontaneous.

5. Manage your time. If you have to travel to where the cruise departs, give yourself lots of extra time. In fact, we recommend arriving the day before. It’s not worth the risk of missing your cruise if there are flight delays or any other issues. Keep the same thing in mind on your return – book your travel home for the following day, as you’ll have to go through customs and retrieve luggage after your cruise, same as you would at the airport. 

6. Don’t succumb to seasickness. While it’s unlikely that you’ll feel seasick on board a big cruise ship, it’s best to be prepared. Bring anti-sickness meds, and remember that you can visit the medic on board the ship for help. Also, if possible, choose a cabin in the middle of the ship where you won’t feel the movement as much. 

7. BYOB. You’re generally allowed one bottle of wine or champagne in your carry-on luggage. Check the rules with the company you’re cruising with. Also, if you fancy a glass of wine with your dinner but don’t think you can manage the whole bottle – order the bottle anyway. You can take what you don’t finish with you for next time! 

8. Dress to impress. Some areas of the ship will have dress codes (generally the dining areas), so make sure to check what’s required beforehand so you pack accordingly. You don’t want to be turned away from dinner because you’re rocking your fave t-shirt and flip-flops.

9. Feast to your heart’s content. Most cruise ships have a plethora of dining options available. Generally, the best food can be found in the main dining room, but also take time to explore the other offerings. Just check beforehand to see what dining options are included in the cost of the cruises and which are extra. 

10. Don’t pay extra (unless you want to). Your cruise package will include quite a lot, but there will be certain things that cost extra. Shore excursions, WiFi, and certain dining options might not be included in your package, so read the fine print. Also, the company will add a service charge to your bill, but you can usually opt out of this if you prefer to tip the individual staff who make your trip extra special. 

A cruise is a fantastic way to enjoy a stress-free vacation, and these tips will help you have the smoothest trip you can have. The only way to make it even better is to book with an experienced travel company… and we might be able to help with that.



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