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The Sassy Soujourners: Gallivanting Glamourously Into Retirement

Hello, Fabulous Globe-trotters!

If life is an epic novel, then retirement is the chapter where the heroines—yes, you lovely ladies—take the world by storm. Gather your squad, because it's time to paint the town red in every color of the adventure rainbow. 🌈✨

Embrace the Joie de Vivre of Sisterhood

What's better than sharing a decadent slice of chocolate cake with your besties? How about feasting on pastries in a cozy Parisian café, surrounded by the laughter and stories that have woven the tapestry of your friendships. Each destination is a backdrop for new memories with your sisterhood of explorers.

Relax in the Lap of Leisure

Ease and relaxation are your travel mantras. Imagine taking in the rolling hills of Tuscany while sipping Chianti, or unwinding in a scenic spa overlooking the azure waters of Santorini. Choose from curated tours that promise the tranquility and pampering you've so richly earned.

Adventure in Style

Who says adventure can't have a touch of class? Luxuriate on a Nile cruise, with the

splendor of ancient Egypt unfolding before you, or make a stylish splash among the glitzy lights of a Broadway show in New York City. Your travel should be as chic as it is soul-stirring.

Indulge in Cultural Feasts

Cultivate your palette and your passion for culture as you roam. Enroll in cooking classes in Vietnam, witness the spellbinding flamenco in Spain, or master the art of pottery in Morocco. The tastes, sounds, and textures of the world await your keen senses and zest for life.

Strengthening Bonds Over Shared Experiences

Whether it's giggling over gelato gone rogue on your blouse in Rome or sharing awe-struck silence at the Grand Canyon's edge, these shared experiences cement bonds that stand the test of time and the miles you travel.

Concocting the Perfect Getaway with TravelStateofMind

Worried about the logistics? Let us take care of that. At TravelStateofMind, we tailor each trip to your group's unique vibe. Whether it's adventure, relaxation, culture, or all of the above, we weave together the elements that will make your journey unforgettable.So, grab your hats, sunnies, and that unquenchable thirst for discovery. There’s a whole world out there waiting for your laughter and footsteps.

Cheers to your next escapade,Your Companions in Adventure at TravelStateofMind 🌷🌏💼



Six All-Inclusive Resorts That Will Restore Your Soul

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Vernita Patterson,


I am a retired school administrator and I enjoy helping others. Well versed in the fun, relaxation and rigors that traveling can bring. I'm living my best life through travel and I want to help you to do the same. I will design and organize a stunning itinerary so that you will have a fantabulous and one of a kind vacation.

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