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Travel Like a Beauty Pro

What Beauty Products to Carry On and Which Ones to Check?

Packing for your next trip? Make sure to read our guide on traveling with your must-have beauty products!

People think once you’ve picked your destination and made your travel plans, the hard work is done. They would be wrong, because now… you’ve got to pack! And probably the trickiest things to pack are your beauty products – but of course, they are non-negotiable! You need to look your best when you get where you’re going, am I right? But what goes in the checked bags, what are you allowed to take on the airplane, and do you really need five different eyeshadow palettes? Take a deep breath and relax – we got you. Let’s break it down:

Carry it on:

Lip balm – Make sure to pack something nourishing, as the recycled air on a plane can really dry your lips out. Feel free to use a tinted lip balm if you absolutely must have a pop of color, but your main focus should be on ingredients that will hydrate your lips, like shea butter and jojoba oil.

Travel-sized skincare – That dry air will wreak havoc on your beautiful face, so come prepared. If you can’t find travel sizes of your favorite products, decant your potions into TSA-approved travel bottles. Be sure to include a hydrating mist to refresh yourself when you need a boost!

Make-up essentials – See if your favorite brand makes a travel palette – something with blush, bronzer, highlight, and a few eyeshadows all in one kit, plus travel-sized mascara. You could even stock up on samples just for travel! Remember any liquid makeup needs to fit in your quart-sized bag with your other liquids.

Water bottle – OK, this isn’t a beauty product, but staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to stay gorgeous, so make sure to bring your reusable water bottle on board!

Check it:

Perfumes – Unless you manage to find a small size of your favorite scent, leave your perfume in your checked luggage. Plus, it might be considered rude to spritz your scent in a space where everyone is stuck breathing the same air! But if you can’t live without your signature scent, pack it in a ziploc bag in your luggage, just in case it spills.

Hair Care products – Try to stick to a low-maintenance ‘do for your travels and pack your haircare products and tools in your checked luggage. Also, unless you absolutely need your usual brand, it might be worth leaving the big bottles at home and buying your shampoo at your destination. If you’re bringing straighteners, curling tongs, etc., be sure you have the appropriate adapter if you’re traveling overseas!

Full-sized make-up – You might be tempted to shove your entire make-up collection in between those six pairs of shoes you’re bringing, but try to restrain yourself. (And do you really need all those shoes?) Narrow it down to what you’ll need to create a daytime look and a going-out look. Don’t forget your brushes! And relax, if you decide you can’t live without your gold shimmer, chances are you can buy some at your destination.

With a little forward planning, you can stay beautiful from take-off to landing. (Well, you’re beautiful all the time, with or without make-up, but you know what we mean.) Just remember to follow the 3-1-1 rule in your carry-on, leave the bigger products for your checked luggage, and stay moisturized and hydrated and you’ll be flying like a beauty pro.



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