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Why Should I Use Black Friday to Plan My Next Vacation

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Ahh Black Friday. After we stuff our faces with turkey, greens, pies and all the fixings, we get to stuff our carts with the best shopping day of the year. And while there are some great deals to plan your next vacation.

We know, it sounds a little crazy. But hear us out! Here are five reasons why using Black Friday to plan your next vacation can be a great idea:

You'll Find The Best Prices

Yea yea yea. You can get TVs, iPhones and candle gift sets for a really great price, but what about travel? Hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies all offer great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. And as your travel advisor, I run through promotion after promotion and present the very best offer and savings to you!

You Can Get Ahead of the Crowd

You don't have to wait in a long line, elbow fellow shoppers or go viral on social media to snag some of the best travel deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday vacation deals can be booked in the comfort of your own home without any drama. You need only to check your email and pull out your credit card.

You Can Get More Value for Your Money

When you book on Black Friday, you won't just get an excellent price on your next vacation-you'll also get more bang for your buck. Black Friday is the perfect time to get free upgrades and perks in addition to the best possible pricing. Look out for

  • Room Category Upgrades

  • Resort and Spa Credits

  • Complimentary airport transportation

  • And so much more!

You'll Have Time to Pay for Your Vacations

If you find the deal of your dreams on Black Friday, you can reserve your space with a small deposit and spread out the cost of your vacation over time. And since you don't have to pay for the whole trip at once, you can continue to splurge on other Black Friday deals!

Getting a Good Deal on Black Friday is Just Fun!

Admit it, getting a great deal is an exhilarating good time. And who doesn't love feeling like they've won the Black Friday shopping game? When you find an incredible travel deal on Black Friday, you'll get that same feeling of satisfaction and excitement.

Now that we have convinced you, here are some quick tips to make sure you get the best deal!

  • Sign up for our email list. Black Friday travel deals are only available while space is available and they'lll be announced first by email.

  • Add us to your email address book. That way you won't miss our emails!

  • Budget for your deposit now. That way you won't have to decide between a vacation and those pajamas.

  • Don't hesitate! Black Friday travel deals only come around once a year. If you see your dream trip at a great price. grab it!

So get ready to grab your virtual shopping bag and start filling it with amazing Black Friday travel deals. Because if you haven't guessed already, we'll be launching some of our best

packages this Black Friday!

Be sure to check back after your turkey coma for some incredible travel deals! And in the meantime, sigh up for our email list to get exclusive access to Black Friday deals before anyone else!

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