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Best Birthday Ever?

Not sure what to do for your next birthday celebration? We have five reasons why you should plan a trip for your next birthday.

Another year, another birthday. Sounds rather humdrum when you put it that way, right? How about switching things up this year and treating yourself to the most epic birthday gift of all: the gift of travel! Whether you travel solo, with the family, or round up your squad for a birthday excursion, travel is the best way to make this next birthday a true celebration. 

Make magical memories:

Picture yourself wandering through the charming, cobbled streets of an old European town, stumbling upon hidden cafes and discovering local spots. Laughing with your loved ones and trying new foods, or laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. It’s your birthday, so dream big and treat yourself to a memorable vacation you’ll remember forever!

Presence over presents:

Sure, getting gifts is lovely, but time spent with the people you care about is more valuable than any new purse or pair of shoes. When people ask what you want for your next birthday, wouldn’t it be fun to tell them all you want for your birthday is time with them? In a few years’ time, you won’t remember who gave you what for your birthday, but you will remember the fabulous time you and your family went on a birthday vacation!

Appreciate getting older:

Do you have one of those friends who refuses to celebrate their birthday or share their age because they hate the idea of getting older? Don’t be like them. Travel has the power to make you appreciate life so much more, so celebrate another year spent on this wonderful world by exploring more of it! Every year is another chance to have a new adventure!

Shake it up:

Maybe you don’t hate the idea of getting older, but you do feel a bit blah, stuck in a rut and bored. Shake things up by gifting yourself a new perspective, a new adventure! Use your birthday as an excuse to try something you’ve never done before or visit somewhere new. Have you always wanted to go ziplining in Costa Rica? Go for it, it’s your birthday, after all! 

Start a new tradition:

Make your birthday an event to look forward to all year long by starting a fabulous new birthday tradition with your loved ones. Maybe every year you head off for a Vegas trip with your besties. Perhaps your birthday tradition is a trip with your beloved to an adults-only resort in Jamaica. Or how about a family trip to Florida for a fantastic celebration? 

Treating yourself to a trip for your next birthday is a great way to turn a special day into something extraordinary. Better than presents, better than cake, better than cocktails - although your birthday trip can of course include all those lovely things too! Just make sure you have some help planning and don’t spend your birthday stressing about plans. (We just might have an idea of who can help you with that…)



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I am a retired school administrator and I enjoy helping others. Well versed in the fun, relaxation and rigors that traveling can bring. I'm living my best life through travel and I want to help you to do the same. I will design and organize a stunning itinerary so that you will have a fantabulous and one of a kind vacation.

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