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Get Yourself To Grenada

Ready to escape to the islands and get away from it all? Give gorgeous Grenada a chance! Checkout five reasons why you should visit Grenada.

Are you craving the feel of sand beneath your feet, warm gentle waves lapping at your toes, and a tropical breeze in your hair? Sounds like it’s time for you to plan an island getaway. But where to go… even if you narrow it down to the Caribbean, you’re still overflowing with options. St Kitts? Barbados? Antigua? All good options, to be sure, but I know where you really should go for your next tropical vacation: Grenada.

This tiny country is at the southeast corner of the Caribbean and consists of a cluster of 20 islands. Rich in culture, history, beauty and adventure, Grenada caters to every appetite, and we’re not just talking about the food. Stunning beaches? Check. A variety of watersports for all skill levels? Check. Upscale resorts? Ruggedly beautiful nature reserves and hiking trails ending at jaw-dropping waterfalls? Friendly locals? Food so good you’ll be going back for seconds and thirds? Check, check, check, and check.

Need more convincing? Let me break it down for you with these five reasons why you need to get yourself to Grenada.

Spice things up! Grenada is known as the Spice Isle, and for good reason. The scent of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg seems to hang in the air, and it’s no wonder why: Grenada is responsible for 20 percent of the world’s nutmeg production! Visit a nutmeg plantation, and be sure to bring home some of the island’s legendary spices for your loved ones. Or just for yourself.

Drink up and Oil Down. Visit the River Antoine Rum Distillery which is powered by a 200-year old waterwheel! Sample the goods and take home a bottle of their legendary rum for the rum aficionado in your life. But before all that rum, line your stomach with the curiously-named national dish, Oil Down. This mouthwatering stew is made of meat, breadfruit, veggies, spices (obviously) and coconut milk.

Swim, snorkel, scuba, sunbathe, surf… The gorgeous turquoise waters surrounding Grenada provide a host of wet and wonderful ways to fill your day. With over 100 varieties of tropical fish as well as pristine coral reefs – not to mention the stunning underwater sculptures the area is known for – you could easily spend hours snorkeling and marveling at the colorful aquatic world. (Just make sure to remember your sunblock.) Go a bit deeper and try scuba diving, or if all that sounds too exciting, just lounge on one of the many sugary sand beaches.

Go chasing waterfalls. Natural beauty is abundant in Grenada – lush rainforests filled with wildlife, hiking trails for all levels, and a staggering array of awe-inspiring waterfalls. Visit Grand Etang National Park, a beautiful mountainous forest in the middle of the island. Explore Annandale, which sounds a bit like a place out of Lord of the Rings and looks like it too with its fantastical vegetation and waterfalls galore. Truly breathtaking.

Hop, skip, and a jump. If you get tired of all the wonders Grenada has to offer (like that could ever happen), why not spend a few days island-hopping? One of the greatest things about a Caribbean vacation is the chance to pop over to the other islands and experience the different cultures of the different areas. Barbados, Trinidad, Antigua… the list goes on, all just a short plane ride away!

So have I convinced you yet? I think one of the best things about Grenada is that it’s relatively quiet compared to some of the other Caribbean islands. And with so many beaches to choose from, you never have to fight for a spot on the sand. Nothing but relaxation, exquisite surroundings, and good vibes.

Curious about booking your next vacation in Grenada? Make an appointment with me for a free consultation and let’s make your tropical dreams come true.



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