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Love In St.Lucia

Planning a romantic getaway? Check out these ten things to do for couples in St.Lucia. Your love will be impressed.

Is there anything more romantic than spending time on a tropical island with your partner? The sparkling turquoise sea and white sand beaches to walk down hand in hand, a gentle breeze caressing your face, and the most beautiful sunsets imaginable – sounds like the perfect recipe for romance to us!

Whether you’re newlyweds on honeymoon, celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, or just enjoying being together, we know the perfect spot for you. With its balmy weather and endless beaches, set against the backdrop of the dramatic Piton Mountains, St. Lucia is an ideal destination for your romantic tropical vacation.

To help you plan your dream getaway, here are 10 ideas for romantic excursions in St. Lucia:

Ride along the beach on horseback. Race down the beach on horseback, wind whipping through your hair, alongside your love, just like something out of a romantic movie! There are lots of companies offering this experience, suitable for all skill levels.

Sip champagne and watch the sunset over the sea. There’s nothing quite like a Caribbean sunset, and viewing it from onboard a catamaran, sailboat, or yacht, with a glass of bubbly and your arm around your favorite person makes it even better.

Run away to the wilderness. Not really running away, but you can go hiking along the breathtaking Tet Paul nature trail. The trail is moderately easy, with lots of points of interest along the way. The unparalleled scenery will make for lots of gorgeous photo opps for you and your other half.

Skip the bicycle and try a kayak built for two. With all that gorgeous water around you, why not get out on it? Rent a kayak for two and spend the day paddling along with (and inevitably splashing) your love. Way more fun than a tandem bike.

Are you an action couple? Hike the Pitons! See those giant mountains looming over the island? Put on your hiking boots, pack some snacks and water, and set out for a day of hiking. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re the sort of couple who goes to the gym together, this could be perfect for you!

Couple’s mud wrestling? Ok, no wrestling here, but you can smear mud on each other. Visit Sulphur Springs, the world’s only drive-thru volcano, and take a dip in the mud baths. After you’ve had enough mud, you’ll be taken to a nearby waterfall to rinse off.

Prefer a mudless soak? Visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths. Located in a natural gorge, these stunning gardens will take your breath away – not to mention Diamond Falls itself! Skip the public pools and book the private baths for a secluded couple’s experience.

Get a rub down by the sea. Many of the resorts offer couple’s massages in private seafront cabanas. We recommend the Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, as they offer a wide array of different types of couple’s massages in a stunning setting. Pure bliss.

Find a hidden beach (what you do there is between you and the sea). St. Lucia is known for its beaches, but you don’t have to settle for a crowded beach. There are lots of hidden gems to be discovered away from the crowds. Pack a picnic and set out for a day of exploring to find a perfect secluded beach.

One word: Chocolate. St. Lucia is known for producing some of the world’s finest cacao beans. In fact, August is Chocolate Heritage Month on the island. But you can take a chocolate tour and do a chocolate making class any time of year at Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Estate. (And as we all know, chocolate is an aphrodisiac…)

Any one of the exciting activities on this list will be sure to impress your sweetheart – or you could go for an extended stay and do them all! If you need help putting together the perfect romantic trip to St. Lucia, get in touch and let us make your romantic dreams come true.



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